Dentistry for Children

Leawood Family Dentistry - Dentistry for ChildrenOne of the great benefits of being a family dental office is that we are able and excited to treat children as well! We can often see your family in a single visit. We know how busy life can get, and having only to make one trip every six months can be so much more convenient. We recommend children be evaluated by age 3. At 2 ½ years of age they are welcome to come in, sit on their caregivers lap, take a ride in the chair, then get a prize to show them just how easy  it can be to go to the dentist. This is done at no cost to you and prepares them for their next “real” appointment. At their first visit, the experienced dental hygienist will softly introduce your child to the dental experience. Radiographs (X-Rays) are not typically taken until primary (baby) molars have erupted enough to touch each other. Your dental hygienist and dentist will make that decision tailored to your child’s growth and development. As your child’s permanent teeth start to come in, your dentist may discuss sealants as an option to help prevent cavities. In more advanced individual cases, we will not hesitate to send your child to a trusted pediatric specialist.